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When it comes to your event production, you need dependable event labor.
Backed by years of experience, WWT provide a safe and compliant workforce to fit your needs. From event labor to operators to drivers to technicians to stagehands: WWT can get it for you.
Event Labor Services
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    | Event Labor & Stagehands

    The most integral part of any event is the people who put it on. We have labor for any type of event. Whether you need riggers, fork ops, spot ops or shop workers - We can bring them to you in West Michigan, Lansing, Grand Rapids, or Detroit.

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    | Production Technicians

    We have an extensive list of Staging Techs, Scenery Techs, Lighting Techs, Video Techs, Audio Techs, and more. Whether it's for Corporate or Festival, we have techs for you.

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    | Trucking and Drivers

    Whether you have a truck that needs to go somewhere, or need a truck and a driver, we provide both from Chauffeurs to Class A. Or if you need a genav driver/hand. From local to cross-country, if you need trucking;
    we can be there for you.

| About WWT Productions
No matter how large or small your event, it should be unforgettable; a shock & awe experience with masterful staging.

We Were There Productions can provide event labor like stagehands, lighting technicians, audio technicians, riggers, graphic designers, and truck drivers in West Michigan, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Detroit to help you get there.

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